About the Artist

My fellow beasts…

This site is my home. A place to express my artwork and creativity. I created this site so I can work towards my dream of being a full-time artist. Regardless of whether I achieve that dream or not, it’s still a big step forward for me that this site even exists, I hope that you find some enjoyment from this site, and hope you become an active member of the community.

I’m an artist by passion, not through education. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and has remained the only thing in my life that I receive persistent support for. For many reasons, I never pursued it as a career, the lack of opportunities made it an unrealistic venture for me. However, now thanks to the internet, I am able to actually make a potential living from my passion. Expect a lot of variation from my site as time progresses.

The site will be updated whenever I have time, so please revisit occasionally.

I greatly appreciate your time, consideration, and support.

Thank you and welcome to the Wolf Pack!