A very happy new year to you all!

2016 marks a big step for me as I’m hoping to make much bigger step forwards in progressing my artwork and working towards larger projects, such as my new Playrule Historia posts.

I hope to start launching a new comics page which I hope will fill the gap between my larger projects and allow for more frequent updates. Comics will probably have random themes but I’m hoping to have my comic section launched sometime this month.

I also hope to launch a review section which will include my own personal reviews on movies old and new as well as video games. I may also review certain hardware that I use and offer my own opinions on how they have influenced my work.

That’s essentially my list of New Year resolutions. I hope you all have your own dreams for 2016, if I’ve learned anything from the past few years is that you need to be determined and motivated to really make your goals happen. Regardless of whether this site is successful or not, I’m doing everything that I do on this site because I want too and the last thing I want to feel is being stuck in a place I don’t want to be.

I hope that you all make my site a part of your 2016 routine (and much longer) and a very Happy New Year to you all!