Animated GIF version
If Ganon Ruled the World

An animated project based on a scene from the awesome music video Batmetal Returns by ArhyBES. If you haven’t seen it then please do.

When I initially saw the scene, I loved it. I began to think what the scene would be like if it was replace with characters from The Legend of Zelda series, instead of simply imagining, I decided to go ahead and actually do it.

To put it simply, I deconstructed the scene in Photoshop and painstakingly reanimated the scene frame-by-frame, replacing the characters and locale.

Deciding on which characters to choose from was a bit of a challenge, considering that there are so many great female characters in the series. I eventually settled on Zelda in her Hyrule Warriors garb, Cia, Malon (Cremia), Ruto, Anju, and Midna. Mr. Barten (the Milk Bar owner) is also featured replacing Red Robin. I chose Ganondorf as the central character as I felt that he fit the role much better than Link would have.

I initially thought of just having the location just be a general club like it is in the music video, but quickly changed my mind to the Milk Bar, I found out quickly that it was a perfect location to have it set since the layout of the Milk Bar in Majora’s Mask very closely resembles the club portrayed in the music video. Plus, since milk is the obvious replacement for alcohol in the Zelda series, it gelled nicely with the theme from the original animation.

This is the first animation that I’ve done (and actually finished) and I hope to do more in the future. Based on the number of views, likes, and favorites I’ve received so far (and even some recognition from the creators of Batmetal), I’m very pleased that I went through with this.

And once again, if you haven’t seen Batmetal or Batmetal Returns, then see them here.