Peach from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

I’ve been wanting to do a Peach painting for a while but have never been pleased with what I’ve produced so far, then I remembered the scene from The Thousand Year Door, where you actually play as an invisible, nude Princess Peach in an official Nintendo game, so I created this painting based on that scene.

For those that are not familiar with the story of the game, Peach is kidnapped by a group known as the X-Nauts that are stationed on the Moon and intend to resurrect a great evil with Peach being the intended vessel. While on the Moon, the X-Naut computer falls in love with Peach and assists her in communicating with Mario. During one scene Peach is instructed to create a potion that will turn her invisible that will allow her to sneak in the bosses room, but of course, the potion doesn’t turn her dress invisible, so she strips off and runs through the base in nothing but her birthday suit.

Hope you all enjoy!