I’ve been online browsing using my username DarkEyedBeast for years, but I’ve rarely been interacting or commenting on anything online. I recently punched in “DarkEyedBeast” into Google and most of the results came up with my recent work but there was also some people that have adopted the same (or similar) username.

I’ve been using DarkEyedBeast as my username for at least 7 years, the name originated from the Zelda game, Twilight Princess, in the game Link gets turned into a wolf and is referred to as a blue-eyed beast, I liked it and adopted it as my username, but of course I don’t have blue eyes, I have dark-brown eyes.

The first placed I used it was on DeviantArt, but I rarely used that account. I resurrected my DeviantArt at the end of October 2015 and have published work there continuously since. I’m disappointed that I let my DeviantArt go to waste for so long, I’ve viewed profiles of other users who have had an account for just as long and have hundreds of thousands of views and a huge following.

I only just recently rekindled my interest in art, it’s the only thing that I’ve received continuous support for but I always considered it as a lost cause as a profession. I currently work in biotechnology, but it doesn’t make me happy like drawing always has and continues to do. My current job is enjoyable and pays well, but is very stressful, that stress pushed me to want to pursue a career in art. I became much more active on social media sites and purchased my own site, I purchased a Wacom Cintiq using my annual bonus from my current job and have been working on ways that I can make a living from what I love.

Even though I’d love to just draw for a living, I also acknowledge fully that it may never happen, and I’m somewhat OK with that. I don’t plan on staying with my current job forever regardless, likely trading it in for a less stressful job in the future, even if it pays less. I would do it now but unfortunately I have too many important commitments to just get up and leave.

The primary problem I have with my job however is not that it’s stressful, but because it eats up so much of my time. I usually work over 40 hours each week, overtime is very common, and it prevents me from working more frequently on my art and on my site, even writing a simple blog post becomes a chore. With everything else I need to do in my day, I usually have to wait until the weekend before I can fit in a lot of time to work on the site and on my art, but even then I find myself halted by random blocks in my creativity and interrupted by family events.

It’s not all bad though, I’m very happy and optimistic regardless of the challenges that face me; the past 7 years or so have been the busiest, happiest, and most stressful years of my life, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I moved from my home country of England to the United States, obtained a decent education while here, got married and am currently awaiting my first child. It’s been a hectic time but it’s been a great adventure, and I’ve accomplished much of what I’ve ever wanted in my life. Wanting to reinvigorate my passion for art is just another step in my list of life goals, and I’m glad that I’m putting in the effort to truly make that happen.

The one piece of advice that I would give to anyone would be to fully invest in your dreams, they won’t just happen, you need to make them happen, remember that most people start off having no idea what they need to do, but if you put in the time and the research, you’ll one day achieve your goals. My site is still young, but I hope one day it will grow into something truly unique and an accurate representation of who I am.

For the foreseeable future, I plan to still be here, working away on my art, on the site, and behind the scenes, and I hope that people who visit my site will find something appealing and unique.